Building Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services for external and internal buildings and can often restore surfaces removing lime scale, cleaning gutter - a regular window cleaning contract with our dedicated team leaves your windows sparkling to give you natural light.

In addition to traditional squeegee window cleaning, we also use the reach & wash system. This involves using telescopic poles and purpose designed brushes to deliver pure, de-ionised water to heights up to 65ft and improve cleaning rates . It is also much safer for the operatives who use this system due to its operation from ground level which eliminates the need for ladders.

If your building is unsuitable for the reach & wash system, our window cleaning operatives are fully trained in the use of cherry-pickers and cradle work. We use various difficult access techniques form industrial rope access, mobile elevated work platform, scaffolding and mobile towers.

As well we use Brodex Machine with pure water for a better quality in cleaning process

We are able to provide solutions for all your window cleaning needs, it doesn't matter if you need a domestic or commercial Window Cleaner - we can help. We have access to all the latest window cleaning equipment and technology - from reach and wash for windows up to 65ft to cherry pickers for anything above that.

Also we supply IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained rope technicians to carry out all types of difficult access works. This covers all aspects of works, including general building maintenance, cleaning etc... Industrial Abseiling is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in difficult to reach areas.
Abseiling services is a cost effective solution to a wide range of building maintenance, abseiling techniques allows virtually any job to be carried out by our abseilers on any building or structures without the need for expensive and disruptive methods such as scaffolding, lifts, cradles and cranes.

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